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Am I taking

right now?


Crows ("Corbie")

Emotes created for my own personal Twitch account. Technically not commissions, but I guess you could say I commissioned myself...?


Goose-themed emotes commissioned on behalf of a client.


drafted icons from Hades: Aphrodite, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Chaos, Demeter, Dionysus, Mercury, Poseidon and Zeus

Hades Olympian icons

24" x 3"

Icons for the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology-based video game Hades. Self-drafted, executed and framed.

Fall 2022

LLL Dragula

9" x 12"

Fall 2021

A commission via Twitter for the classic meme mashup of Live, Laugh, Love and Rob Zombie's "Dragula." Pattern picture provided; modified for scale and palette.

cross-stitch sampler that says "LIVE through the ditches LAUGH through the witches LOVE in the back of my dragula" with red roses and a green border
Kain from Final Fantasy IV, jumping, surrounded by his spears

Jumping Kain

8" x 10"

Summer 2020

A request via Etsy for parents-to-be, this painstaking sampler featured Kain from Super Nintendo game Final Fantasy IV showing off his jumping technique.

River City Ransom

approx. 4" x 4"

Summer 2020

A request from a friend with whom I used to do a local Drink 'n' Draw every week. Characters are Ryan and Alex from seminal Nintendo beat 'em up game River City Ransom.

two guys from Nintendo game River City Ransom
a cross-stitch that says "you can't spell disappointment without men"


5" x 7"

December 2018

A request from friend A as a present to another friend, B. Quote provided; pattern, sampler and framing done by me.

"Friendship Brownie"

5" x 7"

July 2017

A reversal from "Disappointment" above: friend B asked me to make a cross-stitch for friend A. Design, execution and presentation by me.

I love my friends.

a cross-stitch that says "you can take your friendship brownie and shove it up your friendship ass"


Snom & Skitty Pokemon

Snom & Skitty

watercolor & Micron

Aug 2021

Two of a friend's kids' favorite Pokémon.

Original design/posing.

Carnegie Hall

Clip Studio Paint & Photoshop

Jun 2017

Poster for a friend's daughter's band appearance at Carnegie Hall.

teenager holding a trombone
woman & newborn baby

Woman & Baby

watercolor & graphite

Jul 2013

Part of a group request for a friend.

Trio of Friends

colored pencils & Micron

Oct 2013

Part of a group request for a friend.

a trio of women, smiling in a backyard
three dogs

Prize-winning Dogs

watercolor & Micron

May 2014

Part of a group request for a friend.

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